My Favorite Stuff

This is simply the easiest and most versatile outdoor cooker I have ever used.  The quality is second to none.  Eggheads will spend hours extolling the virtues of their favorite cooker; you must try one yourself.

Their hard anodized cookware has been the standard for many years and their newer non-stick pieces are nice as well. Try a pan and you may never want to cook with anything else.

My first food processor was made by Cuisinart. After 20+ years of use I gave it away because I wanted a new one, but it still worked!


This company may be unfamiliar to some and they may have even driven by it and never noticed it.  If it is used in a restaurant they have it or can get it.

In a land locked state like ours fresh seafood is almost a lie. Highlands has the best I've found. The staff is very helpful and the seafood is delicious.

100% customer satisfaction. End of story. I want to tell everyone that customer service is not a thing of the past at Steepleton's. They live and breath it every day. They are knowledgeable about their products and they truly care about their customers. If you haven't been and are interested in any of the products they carry you owe it to yourself to visit before making a decision. 

What can I say. They are what a grocer should be. Fresh products with great flavor are on every shelf. The staff is the most helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous staff of any business anywhere.  If you are in Louisville, go ask Mike for some boudin sausage. You will not be sorry.

Home-Chef Nirvana. One of the places I love to shop.