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My Future of Barbecue

posted May 12, 2012, 8:53 AM by C Compton
My last post was about the future of barbecue according to some other knowledgeable folks.  Now I would like to tell you about the future of my barbecue.  I have spent a great deal of time learning about our American diets and what several trusted organizations say we should and shouldn't eat.  I will not be boring you with all that.  I will be telling you that my barbecue, going forward, will be much lower in carbohydrates.  More accurately, I am talking about a low-carb lifestyle and how that relates to barbecue.  

I know there are going to be folks from Kansas City and parts of North Carolina that think this is barbecue blasphemy.  No Sugar!  You must be kidding.  While folks from Texas and the other half of the Carolina's will think nothing of it.  Truth is I prefer my barbecue to be more spicy and less sweet.  There are folks everywhere that think that BBQ sauce should be as thick and sweet as molasses-- not at my house.  Oh there was a bottle of sweet sauce on the side for folks that think that's good, but I always had dry rub or vinegar based sauce on my Q.  What does all this mean... for me barbecue isn't going to change much.  The sides will.  I have already said goodbye to tater salad, baked beans, mac & cheese, and buns.  It is amazing where those carbs are hiding!  :)

So I have a new recipe section.  Low Carb Recipes and it is steadily growing.  I look for it to replace the old one in the future.  I hope you like the new section; maybe try a recipe.  Either way it is safe to say that low-carb is the future of my barbecue.