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Texicans BBQ Pitt-- REAL BBQ

posted Feb 23, 2011, 1:07 PM by C Compton
Barbecue... it can be the most unctuous meal you ever had or a disaster.  I know we have all seen the smoker in the parking lot and found the Crockpot in the kitchen.  Well let me tell you that is not the case at Texicans.  If you haven't been there I would go now.  Close the browser and go.  Now!  I found them in a seriously odd way and I am so glad I did.  When I arrived I was very pleased to see thin blue smoke rising from the stack on the smoker out front.  When I walked through the door the aroma was magnificent.  Sweet and smoky like a true Q joint should be.  I ordered my favorite brisket, which can be trickier than some meats, Cole slaw-- naturally, and the fried taters and onions-- how bad could that be!  In no time at all a plate with a brisket sandwich, that was piled high, and my sides showed up.  I picked up a slice of brisket and gave it a little tug.  Perfect.  It held its shape and then gently gave way.  It was tender and moist and the sauce was the perfect compliment-- not too sweet and a little spicy.  This is coming from a man that prefers very little sauce; if any.  The Cole slaw was fresh made as well.  Cold and crunchy and creamy too.  I want to talk about these taters.  I have had taters.  I make taters.  I apparently like taters.  These were the best taters I have had in any restaurant anywhere.  Ever.  They were wonderfully prepared with just the right caramelization on the onions and just enough seasoning.  I dream of these taters.  I am telling you the barbecue rocks, but be sure to get some of them taters!  I asked the lady who stopped by to see if everything was alright if she made them.  She said "Yes I did!"  All I could say was "well done!!" I added a tea and a brownie and everything was less than 10 bucks.  I am here to tell ya it don't get no better than that. :)

This place is worth a visit.  I don't say that about Q joints lightly.  I take Q joints seriously.  I have eaten at all within driving range and some that werent.  This is the best Q outside my back yard in the Louisville area.  Period.  Now go get yourself a sammich!  :)

Texican's BBQ Pitt
6608 W Hwy 146 
Crestwood, Ky 40014
Phone (502) 241-9227