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The Blind Pig

posted Jan 2, 2011, 5:52 AM by C Compton
This is a great example of learning from other foodies.  A cousin says "let's go to The Blind Pig!"  I am so glad she did.  The atmosphere was fun and the menu was quite refreshing.  http://theblindpiglouisville.com/ 

First I would like to thank them for taking reservations.  To me this is huge and I think it should be expected of a restaurant that has any kind of wait time.  Period.  In fact I believe this so strongly that I usually avoid places that do not accept reservations.  Secondly, the menu was a nice variety of classic concepts with new interpretations.  The four of us enjoyed the Ratatouille appetizer which had all the robust flavor expected and was served in a bruschetta style.  Our dinners included a bison patty melt, a boudin blanc sandwich called the Ivory Bacon, shepherd's pie made with bison and lamb, and chicken bouillabaisse which had a chicken quarter in a rich broth.  I spied the cassoulet made with duck confit at another table as well as the pork sausages atop braised cabbage.  There is a nice selection of cocktails as well-- from the trendy cosmopolitan to a bacon infused Manhattan.  Yummy!!  

If you haven't been I believe it is worth a try as I will be going back in the near future.