Ramp Cognac Cream Sauce

This is a recipe for a ramp cognac cream sauce I made for a peppercorn crusted ribeye. You can substitiute the ramps with, mushrooms(really good with morels!)to make a mushroom cognac cream sauce. Cayenne in small amounts (a pinch) gives a cream sauce more depth.



• ¼ Cup Chopped Ramps
• 1 Clove Garlic Minced
• 1 Clove Shallot Minced
• 1 pt Heavy Cream
• 1 Tbs Butter
• ½ Cup Cognac or Brandy
• tt Kosher Salt
• tt White Pepper
• t Cayenne

Preparation Directions:
• Have everything chopped and near by when you start.

Cooking Directions:
• Melt butter in a hot saute pan
• Saute the garlic,shallots and ramps till soft
• Deglaze with Cognac.(carefully this will ignite!)
• Reduce the Cognac by half.
• Add the heavy cream and reduce till desired thickness
• Seasone with salt,pepper, and the cayenne
• Serve over steak or any other grilled or sauted meats

Special Instructions:
• If using mushrooms add the mushrooms first let them cook for a while then add your garlic and shallots or else they will burn.